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5:18 sin by vain attachments, hitched to

30:7 shall be futile and vain; therefore I

49:4 have labored in vain, I have spent

65:23 shall not exert themselves in vain,


1:24 the Valiant One of Israel, declares

3:2 water supply, the valiant man and

5:22 those who are valiant at drinking

13:3 my valiant ones: my anger is not

21:17 And the number of valiant archers

49:26 is the Valiant One of Jacob. Thus

60:16 the Valiant One of Jacob. In place


15:7 Valley of the Willows. The cry of

17:5 the Valley of Rephaim when only

28:21 anger, as in the Valley of Gibeon

65:10 and the Valley of Achor a resting


22:7 shall your choice valleys fill with


9:6 Counsellor, One Mighty in Valor,

10:21 return to the One Mighty in Valor

11:2 spirit of counsel and of valor, the


13:17 who do not value silver, nor covet


17:11 them, yet shall the harvest vanish

51:6 heavens shall vanish as by smoke


57:13 off; a vapor shall take them away


13:4 a vast multitude. Hark! An uproar

31:1 vast forces of horsemen, but who

37:24 On account of my vast chariotry I


10:13 vastly reduced the inhabitants. I


63:3 Alone I have trodden out a vatful


10:15 with it, or a saw vaunt itself over


15:6 shall dry up, vegetation disappear

19:7 shall wither; vegetation adjoining

42:15 make all their vegetation wither; I

61:11 brings forth its vegetation, and as


6:2 two they could veil their presence

25:7 will destroy the veil that veils all


25:7 will destroy the veil that veils all


58:13 of Jehovah venerable, and if you


66:3 venerates idols. Just as they have


10:6 vengeance, to pillage for plunder

34:8 it is Jehovah’s day of vengeance,

47:3 I will take vengeance and not be

59:17 clothed himself with vengeance

61:2 the day of vengeance of our God

63:4 a day of vengeance, and the year


51:6 shall die in the manner of vermin.


30:14 crash like an earthenware vessel


2:16 all vessels at sea,] both merchant

22:24 the lesser vessels, from ordinary

52:11 you who bear Jehovah’s vessels.

66:20 brought offerings in pure vessels


16:11 My breast will vibrate like a harp


30:6 land of hardship and vicissitudes,


30:15 quiet confidence gain the victory.

42:13 raise the shout of victory over his


5:21 clever in their own view! Woe to

33:17 his glory and view the expanse of


21:7 must be most vigilant, fully alert.

66:2 and who are vigilant for my word

66:5 you who are vigilant for his word


40:29 increases in vigor those who lack

58:11 vigor to your limbs. And you will


3:5 vile to the honorable. Then will a


42:11 raise their voice, and the villages


43:26 and vindicate yourself. Your first

53:11 the righteous one, vindicate many


50:8 He who vindicates me is near me.


45:24 Jehovah alone come vindication

54:17 vindication by me, says Jehovah.


34:4 like withered leaves from a vine,

36:16 of you will eat from his own vine


61:5 your farmhands and vinedressers.


5:2 vines. He built a watchtower in its

7:23 vines worth a thousand pieces of

16:8 nations will smite Sibmah’s vines

16:8 runner vines reached Jazer, trailing

16:9 mourns for the vines of Sibmah. I

24:7 wine withers on languishing vines

32:12 choice fields and flourishing vines


1:8 is left like a shelter in a vineyard,

3:14 who have devoured the vineyard;

5:1 love song about his vineyard: My

5:1 a vineyard on the fertile brow of a

5:3 vineyard! What more could I have

5:4 for my vineyard than I have done

5:5 you what I will do to my vineyard

5:7 The vineyard of Jehovah of Hosts

5:10 a ten-acre vineyard shall yield but

27:2 of a delightful vineyard of which I


16:8 vineyards of Heshbon shall wither

16:10 sound in the vineyards. The wine

36:17 land of grain fields and vineyards.

37:30 plant vineyards and eat their fruit:

65:21 they plant vineyards, they will eat


16:10 in the presses; the vintage shout I

24:13 vintage is ended. Then will these


33:8 violated, their signatories held in


16:4 violence has ceased, when tyrants

42:25 pours out on them the violence of

53:9 yet he had done no violence, and


13:6 shall come as a violent blow from

29:5 dust, your violent mobs like flying


14:29 that snake shall spring up a viper


11:8 the viper’s nest. There shall be no


23:12 frolic no more, O ravished virgin,

37:22 him. The Virgin Daughter of Zion

47:1 sit in the dust, O Virgin Daughter

62:5 young man weds a virgin, so shall


23:4 young men or raise virgins! When


32:8 and stand up for what is virtuous.


30:30 make visible his arm descending

60:2 over you his glory shall be visible


1:1 vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz

2:1 the son of Amoz saw in vision: In

13:1 son of Amoz saw in vision: Raise

21:2 a land of terror. A grim vision has

29:11 vision has become as the words of

48:6 have heard the whole vision; how


30:10 and to those with visions, Predict


24:11 gloom; the earth’s vitality is gone


6:8 for. Then I heard the voice of my

13:2 mountain; sound the voice among

24:14 these lift up their voice and shout

28:23 Give heed, and hear my voice! Be

29:4 dust: your voice from the ground

30:19 your voice; he will answer you as

30:30 voice to resound and make visible

30:31 hail. At the voice of Jehovah the

31:4 sound of their voice nor daunted

32:9 listen to my voice, O complacent

33:3 fled from your thunderous voice;

36:13 in a loud voice in Judean. Hear the

37:23 Against whom raised your voice,

40:3 for all her sins. A voice calls out,

40:6 A voice said, Announce it, And I

40:9 tidings. Raise your voice mightily

42:2 will not shout or raise his voice to

42:11 and its cities raise their voice, and

48:20 with resounding voice; broadcast

50:10 and heeds the voice of his servant

51:3 there, thanksgiving with the voice

52:8 Your watchmen lift up their voice

58:1 without restraint; raise your voice

58:4 to make your voice heard on high.

66:6 is the voice of Jehovah paying his


28:18 with Death shall prove void, your

29:14 void the knowledge of their sages

40:23 null and void. When scarcely they


19:14 to stagger drunkard into his vomit.

28:8 all tables are filled with vomit; no


19:21 make vows to Jehovah and fulfill