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22:23 nail in the sure place, and he will

22:25 Hosts, the nail that was fastened


20:2 he had done so, going naked and

20:3 my servant Isaiah has gone naked

20:4 and old, naked and barefoot, with


47:3 your nakedness shall be exposed

57:8 lie, your hand on their nakedness


4:1 called by your name—take away

7:14 to a son and name him Immanuel

8:3 to me, Name him Maher-Shalal-

12:4 Jehovah; invoke his name. Make

12:4 commemorate his exalted name.

14:22 I will cut off Babylon’s name and

18:7 the place of the name of Jehovah

24:15 the name of Jehovah, the God of

25:1 extol you by praising your name.

26:8 contemplate your name. My soul

26:13 recall by name. They are dead, to

29:23 of my hands, hallowing my name

40:26 number, calling each one by name

41:25 the north who calls on my name,

42:8 my name. I will not relinquish my

43:1 have called you by name; you are

43:7 called by my name, whom I have

44:5 I am Jehovah’s, and another name

44:5 To Jehovah, and adopt the name

45:3 Israel who calls you by name. For

45:4 my chosen, I call you by name—I

47:4 Israel, whose name is Jehovah of

48:1 in the name of Jehovah and invoke

48:2 of Israel, whose name is Jehovah

48:11 that my name be not dishonored,

49:1 he mentioned me by name. He has

50:10 have no light, trusts in the name

51:15 whose name is Jehovah of Hosts,

52:5 my name is constantly abused all

52:6 know my name; in that day they

54:5 Maker, whose name is Jehovah of

56:5 a handclasp and a name within the

56:5 everlasting name that shall not be

56:6 name of Jehovah, that they may be

57:15 name is sacred: I dwell on high in

62:2 you shall be called by a new name

63:12 them, making an everlasting name

63:16 from Eternity is your name. Why

63:19 not been known by your name. O

64:7 Yet none calls upon your name, or

65:1 not invoke my name. I held out my

65:15 of spirit. Your name shall be left to

65:15 call by a different name. Those of

66:5 you because of my name, say, Let

66:22 and name endure. And New Moon


45:4 named you when yet you knew me

48:1 Jacob, you who are named Israel—


48:9 womb. For my own name’s sake I


48:19 names would not have been cut off


9:1 the lands of Zebulun and Naphtali


28:20 too narrow to wrap oneself in. For


1:4 insensible. Alas, a nation astray, a

2:4 into pruning hooks: nation will not

2:4 sword against nation, nor will they

7:8 nation. But as surely as Samaria is

9:3 You have enlarged the nation and

10:6 a godless nation, appoint him over

14:32 of the nation? Jehovah has founded

18:2 the move, a nation dreaded far and

18:7 from a nation dreaded far and wide

18:7 Hosts from a nation perpetually on

26:2 let in the nation righteous because

26:15 You have enlarged the nation, O

33:19 nation of incomprehensible speech

49:7 abhorred by his nation, a servant to

51:4 me, O my nation: The law shall go

55:5 will summon a nation that you did

55:5 a nation that did not know you will

58:2 a nation practicing righteousness

60:22 clan, the youngest a mighty nation

60:12 the nation or kingdom that will not

65:1 I am here, to a nation that did not

66:8 a day and a nation be born at once


2:2 hills, and all nations will flow to it

2:4 will judge between the nations and

3:13 has arisen to judge the nations. He

5:26 distant nations and summons them

8:9 O Immanuel. Though nations form

9:1 Galilee of the nations. The people

10:7 to exterminate nations not a few.

10:13 away with the borders of nations,

11:10 sought by the nations, and his rest

11:12 raise the ensign to the nations and

12:4 among the nations; commemorate

13:4 as of nations assembling: Jehovah

14:2 Jacob. The nations will take them

14:6 struck down the nations in anger,

14:9 causing all who had ruled nations

14:12 the nations have been hewn down

14:18 nations lie in state, each among his

14:26 the hand upraised over all nations

16:8 ruling nations will smite Sibmah’s

17:12 tumultuous nations, in commotion

17:13 Nations may roar like the roaring

23:3 merchant of nations. Be dismayed

24:13 the nations as when an olive tree is

25:3 a community of tyrannous nations

25:7 the shroud that shrouds all nations

29:7 flame. And the nations amassed to

29:8 nations that amass to fight against

30:28 neck. He comes to sift the nations

33:3 your uprising the nations scattered

33:12 nations have been burned like lime

34:1 Come near, you nations, and hear

34:2 Jehovah’s rage is upon all nations

36:18 the nations able to save their lands

37:12 the gods of the nations my fathers

40:15 of understanding? The nations are

40:17 nations are as nothing; as less than

41:2 Who has delivered nations to him

42:1 will dispense justice to the nations

42:6 a light to the nations, to open eyes

43:9 nations unitedly assembled, when

45:1 nations before him, to ungird the

45:20 you fugitives of the nations. They

49:6 nations, that my salvation may be

49:22 will lift up my hand to the nations

52:10 * holy arm in the eyes of all nations

52:15 shall he yet astound many nations

54:3 dispossess the nations and resettle

55:4 the nations, a prince and lawgiver

56:7 as a house of prayer for all nations

60:3 visible. Nations will come to your

60:5 host of nations shall enter you. A

60:11 host of nations may be brought to

60:12 nations shall be utterly ruined. The

60:16 the milk of the nations, suckling at

61:6 on the wealth of the nations and be

61:9 renowned among the nations, their

61:11 presence of all nations. For Zion’s

62:2 a flaming torch. The nations shall

62:10 the ensign to the nations! Jehovah

63:3 of the nations no one was with me

63:6 me. I trod nations underfoot in my

64:2 nations trembling at your presence

66:12 bounty of the nations like a stream

66:18 will come to gather all nations and

66:19 the nations that had not heard the

66:19 glory among the nations and shall

66:20 the nations to Jerusalem my holy


1:7 burned with fire; your native soil


11:8 suckling infant will play near the

13:6 the Day of Jehovah is near; it shall

13:22 draws near; Babylon’s days shall

33:13 off; you who are near, be apprised

34:1 Come near, you nations, and hear

45:20 come; draw near, all you fugitives

46:13 brought near my righteousness; it

48:16 way. Come near me and hear this

50:8 vindicates me is near me. Who has

55:6 upon him while he is near. Let the

57:19 off and to those who are near, says

65:5 your distance, don’t come near me


58:2 to draw nearer to God: Why, when


60:7 Nebaioth will serve you; they shall


15:2 they will wail in Moab over Nebo

46:1 Bel slumps down, Nebo is stooped


8:8 the very neck; his outspread wings

10:27 yoke removed from your neck: the

30:28 torrent that severs at the neck. He

48:4 your neck was an iron sinew, your

52:2 from the bands around your neck,

66:3 who breaks a dog’s neck; whoever


58:10 the hungry and satisfy the needs of

58:11 your needs in the dearth and bring


3:14 depriving the needy. What do you

10:2 to the needy, depriving the poor of

14:30 have pasture, and the needy recline

25:4 the poor, a shelter for the needy in

32:7 denounce the needy. But the noble

41:17 the needy require water, and there


30:6 Beasts of Negeb: Through a land


58:7 and not to neglect your own kin?


3:5 man his neighbor. The young will

19:2 brother, and neighbor against

19:2 against neighbor, city against city


32:18 neighborhoods, in comfortable


10:14 wealth of peoples like a nest, and

11:8 hand over the viper’s nest. There

16:2 birds forced out of the nest, so are

31:5 As birds hover over [the nest], so

34:15 shall hawk owl nest and lay eggs,


51:20 of every street, taken in a net like


19:8 those who cast nets on water will


55:13 up the cypress, in place of nettles


13:20 and Gomorrah. Never shall it be

14:20 brood of miscreants never more

33:20 tent, whose stakes shall never be

41:3 by paths his feet have never trod.

43:18 wick—Never mind the prophecies

51:6 my righteousness shall never fail

54:9 anger toward you, never again to

54:10 charity toward you shall never be

62:12 a city never deserted. Who is this

63:19 those whom you have never ruled

64:4 quaked before you! Never has it


10:7 Nevertheless, it shall not seem so

64:8 Nevertheless, you are our Father,


1:13 meetings at the New Month and

18:5 the new branches by slashing. All

24:7 of mankind remain. The new wine

41:15 of new design, full of spikes: you

42:9 came to pass, but new things I yet

42:10 Sing to Jehovah a new song; sing

43:19 do a new thing; it is now springing

48:6 to you new things, things withheld

62:2 called by a new name conferred by

62:8 foreigners drink the new wine you

65:17 See, I create new heavens and a

65:17 new earth; former events shall not

66:22 the new heavens and the new earth

66:23 And New Moon after New Moon,


13:18 to the newborn; their eye will not


38:16 of such trials comes a newness of


23:5 news of Tyre reaches Egypt, men

40:9 good news. Make yourself heard,

66:19 not heard the news concerning me


4:5 with fire by night: above all that is

5:11 linger at night parties, inflamed by

15:1 When in one night Ar is devastated

15:1 one night Kir is razed, Moab shall

16:3 though it were night! Shelter those

21:8 night after night I have stood guard

21:11 of the night? Watchman, how much

21:11 Watchman, how much of the night

21:12 though it is still night. If you would

26:9 My soul yearns for you in the night

27:3 over it night and day, lest anything

28:19 day and by night it shall seize you;

29:7 as a dream seen in the night: like a

30:29 be singing, as on the night when a

34:10 pitch. Night and day it shall not be

34:14 shall the night owl find repose and

38:13 as night has followed day, you are

59:10 as in the dark of night; in the prime

60:11 not be shut day or night, that a host

60:19 your illumination at night: Jehovah

62:6 not be silent day or night. You who


21:4 with fear; the nightfall I longed for


65:4 who sit in sepulchres, spend nights


23:3 the Nile, was her source of revenue

23:10 your land like the Nile, O Daughter


15:6 Waters of Nimrim shall be desolate


37:37 And he returned to Nineveh, where


37:38 temple of Nisroch his god, his sons


54:9 to me as in the days of Noah, when

54:9 the waters of Noah would no more


10:32 Nob and signal the advance against


32:5 no longer be regarded as noble nor

32:8 noble are of noble intent, and stand


34:12 Shall they summon its nobles when


66:6 the city, a noise from the temple! It


13:20 generations. Nomads will not pitch


1:31 there shall be none to extinguish. A

5:29 prey and escape, and none comes to

22:22 he opens none shall shut, when he

22:22 shut, when he shuts none shall open

24:10 all houses shuttered, that none may

30:15 you would have none of it. For you

33:1 O treacherous one, with whom none

33:24 * its cords severed. None who reside

34:10 endless ages none shall traverse it.

34:16 Jehovah: None is unaccounted for,

41:17 and there is none, and their tongue

42:22 spoil, yet none demands restitution

43:13 —from my hand none can deliver;

45:5 is none other; apart from me there is

45:6 I am Jehovah, and that there is none

45:18 I am Jehovah, there is none other. I

45:22 God, there is none other. By myself

46:9 is none other. I am divine; nothing

47:10 I exist, and there is none besides me

47:15 own way; none is there to save you.

51:18 was none to guide her home among

51:18 bore, none to take her by the hand

59:4 your tongue utters duplicity. None

59:8 paths; none who treads them knows

59:11 there is none; we look for salvation

60:15 abhorred, with none passing through

63:5 around, but none would lend help; I

64:7 sweep us away. Yet none calls upon

66:4 when I spoke, none gave heed. They


44:25 makes nonsense of their knowledge


16:3 at high noon as though it were night

59:10 eyes. We stumble at noon as in the


58:10 as the noonday. Jehovah will direct


19:13 of Noph deluded; the heads of state


14:31 North shall come pillars of smoke,

41:25 I have raised up one from the north

43:6 will say to the north Give up! to the


49:12 the northwest, and these, from the


37:29 my ring in your nose and my bit in


3:21 the noselets, the elegant dress, the


2:22 man, in whose nostrils is but breath

65:5 to my nostrils, a fire smoldering all


9:15 the elders or notables are the head,


1:6 is nothing sound, only wounds and

10:4 wealth? There shall nothing remain

19:15 nothing the Egyptians can do about

29:21 at court, who for nothing turn away

30:5 avail them nothing; they shall be of

36:21 remained silent, replying nothing,

39:2 treasuries. There was nothing in his

39:4 is in my palace. There is nothing in

39:6 Nothing shall be left, says Jehovah.

40:17 nothing; as less than the ether they

41:12 reduced to nothing. For I, Jehovah

41:24 that your works amount to nothing

42:20 open ears hearing nothing? It is the

44:9 profit nothing. Those who promote

45:6 there is nothing, that I am Jehovah

46:9 am divine; nothing resembles me. I

47:8 and other than me there is nothing;

49:4 have spent my strength for nothing

52:4 for nothing. And now, what have I

52:11 touch nothing defiled as you leave


53:2 that we should notice him; he had

58:3 fast, do you not notice? We afflict


37:7 me. See, I will give him a notion


10:12 Assyria for his notorious boasting


8:10 come to nought; though you make

24:5 set at nought the ancient covenant.

29:20 shall come to nought and scorners

40:23 potentates to nought and makes the

41:11 to nought, and perish. Should you


58:14 the earth and nourish you with the


40:23 null and void, When scarcely they


21:17 And the number of valiant archers

40:26 their hosts by number, calling each

48:19 sands in number, your descendants


53:12 and was numbered with criminals


31:1 immense numbers of chariots and

31:4 daunted by their numbers, so shall


66:11 From now on nurse contentedly at

66:12 you nurse and be carried upon the


49:23 foster fathers, queens your nursing