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27:10 deserted habitations, forsaken like


10:5 Hail the Assyrian, the rod of my

28:17 a hail shall sweep away your false

30:30 and pounding hail. At the voice of

32:19 * a hail shall forests be felled, cities


28:2 as a ravaging hailstorm sweeping


7:20 your head and the hair of your legs


44:16 they stoop. Half of it they burn in


29:23 of my hands, hallowing my name,


13:22 creatures from its amusement halls


10:9 not Hamath as Arpad, Samaria no

11:11 Cush, Elam, Shinar, Hamath, and

36:19 are the gods of Hamath and Arpad

37:13 are the kings of Hamath and Arpad


41:7 * he who beats with a hammer urges


44:12 shape by hammering; he forges his


1:25 will restore my hand over you and

3:7 raise his hand in that day and swear

5:25 his people: he draws back his hand

5:25 not abated; his hand is upraised still

8:11 spoke to me, clasping my hand, and

9:12 not abated; his hand is upraised still

9:17 not abated; his hand is upraised still

9:21 not abated; his hand is upraised still

10:4 not abated; his hand is upraised still

10:5 is a staff—my wrath in their hand.

11:8 reach his hand over the viper’s nest.

11:11 my Lord will again raise his hand to

11:15 will extend his hand over the River

13:2 them! Beckon them with the hand to

13:7 shall every hand grow weak and the

14:26 is the hand upraised over all nations

14:27 When his hand is upraised, who can

19:4 deliver the Egyptians into the hand

19:16 brandishing hand Jehovah of Hosts

23:11 his hand over the Sea and distress

25:10 mountain rests the hand of Jehovah

26:11 Jehovah, your hand is lifted up, but

28:2 them to the ground by his hand. The

31:3 his hand, those who help them will

33:15 disdain extortion and stay their hand

34:17 inheritance, his hand that divides it

36:15 into the hand of the king of Assyria

36:18 lands out of the hand of the king of

36:19 Samaria out of my hand? Who of all

36:20 from my hand, that Jehovah should

36:20 save Jerusalem from my hand? But

37:10 into the hand of the king of the king

37:20 God, deliver us out of his hand, that

38:6 of the hand of the king of Assyria; I

40:2 from Jehovah’s hand double for all

40:12 his hand and gauged the heavens by

41:10 with my righteous right hand. See,

41:13 hold you by the right hand and say

41:20 that Jehovah’s hand did this, that the

42:6 you by the hand; I have created you

43:13 I have been present—from my hand

44:20 or say, Surely this thing in my hand

45:1 right hand, to subdue nations before

45:12 with my hand suspended the heavens

47:6 I gave them into your hand, and you

47:14 themselves to escape the hand of the

48:13 was my hand that founded the earth

48:13 my right hand that stretched out the

49:2 in the shadow of his hand he hid me

49:22 Jehovah: I will lift up my hand to the

50:2 hand too short to redeem you; have I

50:11 you have from my hand: you shall lie

51:5 be at hand and my salvation proceed

51:16 you in the shadow of my hand, while

51:17 have drunk from Jehovah’s hand the

51:18 none to take her by the hand of all the

51:22 of stupor from your hand; you shall

51:23 I give it the hand of your tormentors

52:6 I, who speak, am at hand. Then shall

53:10 of Jehovah might prosper in his hand

56:2 it, who stays his hand from doing any

57:8 hand on their nakedness. You bathe

59:1 Jehovah’s hand has not become too

62:3 glory in the hand of Jehovah, a royal

62:8 sworn by his right hand, his mighty

63:12 arm proceed at right hand of Moses

64:7 from us and enfeebled us at the hand

66:2 things my hand has made, and thus

66:14 like sprouting grass, when the hand


1:15 forth your hands, I will conceal my

1:15 not hear—your hands are filled with

2:8 their hands, things their own fingers

5:12 hands at work. Therefore my people

17:8 the works of their hands, nor look to

19:25 Assyria the work of my hands, and

25:11 For when he stretches his hands into

25:11 swimmer spreads his hands to swim

29:23 his children, the work of my hands

31:7 your hands have incurred guilt. And

35:3 Strengthen the hands grown feeble,

37:19 works of men’s hands, or wood and

42:24 Who is it that hands Jacob over to

45:9 doing? Your hands have no skill for

45:11 to me about the deeds of my hands

55:12 the meadows all clap their hands. In

60:21 have planted, the work of my hands

64:8 are all alike the work of your hands

65:2 I held out my hands all the day to a

65:22 shall outlast the work of their hands


56:5 to them I will give a handclasp and


10:15 him who handles it? As though the


30:4 and their envoys’ travels to Hanes


33:23 * by. Their riggings hang loose; they


22:25 fall, and the burden hanging on it


14:24 As I foresaw it, so shall it happen;

24:13 to ruin. Then shall it happen in the


44:7 predicts what happens as do I and


37:12 Haran, Rezeph and the Edenites in


53:7 was harassed, yet submissive, and


41:27 to Zion, he shall be her harbinger;


23:10 of Tarshish: the harbor is no more.


42:14 breathe hard and fast all at once. I


63:17 your ways, hardening our hearts so


40:24 hardly their stalk has taken root in


30:6 a land of hardship and vicissitudes


13:4 pride in me. Hark! A tumult on the

13:4 Hark! An uproar among kingdoms,

52:8 Hark! Your watchmen lift up their

66:6 shame. Hark, a tumult from the city


1:21 city has become a harlot! She was

23:15 be as the harlot in the song: Take a

23:16 O forgotten harlot. Play skillfully;

57:3 offspring of adulterer and harlot!


11:9 no harm or injury done throughout

65:25 no harm or injury done throughout


58:6 untie the harness of the yoke, to set


22:6 horses are harnessed to the chariots


16:11 a harp for Moab, my inmost being


5:12 by wine! There are harps and lyres,


28:24 to sow seed, disking and harrowing


19:4 harsh ruler shall subject them, says


9:3 as men rejoice at harvest time, or as

16:9 summer fruit and harvest are stilled.

17:5 harvest of ripe grain, whose ears are

17:11 them, yet shall the harvest vanish in

18:5 before the harvest, when the time of

23:3 The grain of Shihor, the harvest of

27:11 harvest of twigs dries, broken off by

27:12 Jehovah will thresh out his harvest

28:4 fruit before the summer harvest: he

32:10 the harvest is over, the produce shall

37:30 But in the third year sow and harvest

62:9 harvest it shall eat it, giving praise to


33:4 scattered. Their spoil was harvested


52:12 you shall not leave in haste or go in


8:1 script: Hasten the plunder, hurry the

22:4 weep bitterly; hasten not to comfort

49:17 Your sons shall hasten your ravagers

55:5 did not know you will hasten to you

59:7 they hasten to shed innocent blood.

60:22 nation. I Jehovah will hasten it in its


34:15 and lay eggs, hatch them and brood

59:5 hatch vipers’ eggs and spin spider’s


2:17 haughtiness of men shall be abased


2:11 his glory. The haughty eyes of men

3:16 of Zion are haughty and put on airs


14:23 turn it into swamplands, a haunt for

34:13 shall become the haunt of howling

35:7 place springs of water; in the haunt


32:14 resorts shall become haunts for ever


23:4 haven of the Sea, has declared, I no

23:11 that her ports of haven be destroyed

23:14 haven is desolate! In that day Tyre


24:12 is gone. Havoc remains in the city;

59:7 mischief; havoc and disaster follow


34:15 hawk owl nest and lay eggs, hatch


34:11 hawks and falcons shall possess it,

1:5 whole head is sick, the whole heart

1:6 of the feet even to the head there is

2:2 become established as the head of

3:18 head ornaments and crescents, the

7:8 the head of Damascus, within sixty-

7:9 Remaliah the head of Samaria, you

7:20 your head and the hair of your legs,

9:14 from Israel head and tail, palm top

9:15 elders or notables are the head, the

15:2 head shall be bald, every beard cut

19:15 about it, neither head nor tail, palm

37:22 her head at you. Whom have you

58:5 bowing one’s head like a reed and

59:17 the helmet on his head; he clothed


53:6 gone astray, each of us headed his


61:3 them a priestly headpiece in place


19:13 the heads of state have led Egypt

28:1 the heads of the opulent overcome

28:4 crowns of glory on the heads of the

29:10 covered your heads, the seers. For

35:10 to Zion, their heads crowned with

51:11 to Zion, their heads crowned with


19:22 smiting heal: they will turn back to

19:22 their pleas and heal them. In that

57:18 conduct and I will heal him; I will


6:10 be healed. And I replied, For how

53:5 wounds we are healed. We all like


58:8 your healing speedily appear; your


30:26 of his people and heals their open

57:19 near, says Jehovah who heals him.


17:1 become a heap of ruins. The cities

25:2 a heap of rubble, fortified towns a


37:26 turning them into heaps of rubble,


1:2 Hezekiah, kings of Judah: Hear, O

1:10 or become like Gomorrah. Hear the

1:15 length, I will not hear—your hands

6:10 hear with their ears, understand in

10:30 Gallim! Hear her, Laishah; answer

11:3 not judge by what his ears hear. He

24:16 sector of the earth we hear singing

28:14 Therefore hear the word of Jehovah

28:19 cause terror merely to hear word of

28:23 Give heed, and hear my voice! Be

29:18 shall the deaf hear the words of the

30:21 ears shall hear words from behind

32:3 ears of those who hear shall listen.

32:9 careless daughters, hear my words

34:1 Come near you nations, and hear!

36:13 Judean, Hear the words of the great

37:17 give ear and hear; O Jehovah, open

39:5 Hear the word of Jehovah of Hosts

44:1 to execration. Hear now, Jacob my

46:3 Hear me, O house of Jacob, and all

46:12 do. Hear me, you stubborn-hearted

47:8 destiny. Now therefore hear this, O

48:1 to save you. Hear this, O house of

48:12 to no other. Hear me, O Jacob, and

48:14 and hear: Who among you foretold

48:16 Come near me and hear this: I have

49:1 Hear me, O isles; listen, you distant

50:4 morning he wakens my ear to hear

51:1 agony. Hear me, you followers of

51:7 never fail. Hear me, you who know

51:21 therefore hear this, O wretched one

55:2 satisfy? Hear me well: Eat what is

59:2 that he does not hear you. For your

66:5 my will. Hear the word of Jehovah


6:8 heard the voice of my Lord saying

15:4 be heard as far as Jahaz. They will

16:6 heard of the glories of Moab, of its

21:10 I have reported what I heard from

24:11 heard the clamor for wine, though

28:22 heard utter destruction decreed by

37:1 King Hezekiah heard it he rent his

37:4 heard, were you to offer up prayer

37:6 words with which you have heard

37:8 heard that the king of Assyria had

37:9 against him. And when he heard it

37:11 yourself have heard what the kings

37:26 you not heard how I ordained this

38:5 of your father David: I have heard

39:1 for he had heard of his illness and

40:9 news. Make yourself heard, be not

40:21 unaware, that you have not heard?

40:28 you; have you not heard? Jehovah

41:26 has heard from you any [prophetic

42:2 his voice to make himself heard in

48:6 have heard the whole vision; how

48:7 you have not heard of before, lest

48:8 I knew them! You have not heard

52:15 what they had not heard they shall

58:4 make your voice heard on high. Is

60:18 tyranny shall no more be heard of

64:4 been heard or perceived by the ear

65:19 my people; no more shall be heard

66:8 Who has heard the like, or who has

66:19 had not heard the news concerning


5:9 of Hosts spoke this in my hearing:

6:9 to these people, Go on hearing, but

37:7 return home upon hearing a rumor

42:20 with open ears hearing nothing? It

42:23 you hearing this will take heed of

43:9 that those within hearing may say,

59:1 dull of hearing! It is your iniquities


30:19 hears it. Though my Lord give you


1:5 the whole heart diseased. From the

6:10 heart of these people grow fat; dull

6:10 their ears, understand in their heart

9:9 arrogance of heart, The bricks have

14:13 said in your heart, I will rise in the

15:5 shall be broken. My heart will cry

29:13 their lips, while their heart remains

30:29 commences, and rejoicing of heart

32:6 their heart ponders impiety: how to

38:3 full purpose of heart and have done

42:25 on fire; yet they take it not to heart

46:8 to your senses; take it to heart, you

51:7 O people in whose heart is my law

57:17 by following the ways of his heart.

60:5 light up, your heart swell with awe

65:14 indeed, for gladness of heart, while

66:14 comforted. Your heart shall rejoice


65:14 you shall cry out with heartbreak,


10:16 to flare up like a burning hearth to

29:2 becomes as my altar hearth. I will

30:33 has been prepared of old, a hearth


13:7 hearts of all men melt. They shall

19:1 and Egyptians’ hearts melt within

35:4 with fearful hearts, Take courage,

57:15 reviving the hearts of the humble.

63:17 ways, hardening our hearts so that


4:6 shade from the heat of the day, a

18:4 searing heat overtakes the reapers

25:4 from the heat. When the blasts of

25:5 scorching heat in the desert, you

25:5 as burning heat by the shade of a

42:25 the heat of his anger he pours out

64:2 which bubbles over from the heat


2:6 content with the infantile heathen

25:2 ruin—heathen mansions shall no

25:5 of the heathen: as burning heat by


49:10 be smitten by the heatwave or the


57:20 whose waters heave up mire and


37:23 to high heaven? Against the Holy

63:15 from heaven, from your holy and


1:2 of Judah: Hear, O heavens! Give

13:10 the heavens will not shine. When

13:13 disturbance in the heavens when

14:12 from the heavens, O morning star,

14:13 will rise in the heavens and set my

34:4 when the heavens are rolled up as

34:5 in the heavens, it shall come down

37:16 is you who made the heavens and

40:12 gauged the heavens by the span of

40:22 who suspends the heavens like a

42:5 the heavens, who gives form to the

44:23 O heavens, for what Jehovah has

44:24 heavens, who himself gives form

45:8 Rain down from above, O heavens

45:12 suspended the heavens, appointing

45:18 who created the heavens, the God

47:13 let those who unravel the heavens

48:13 out the heavens; when I call them,

49:13 joy, O heavens; celebrate, O earth

50:3 thirst. I clothe the heavens with the

51:6 heavens; look on the earth beneath

51:6 heavens shall vanish as by smoke,

51:13 suspends the heavens, who sets the

51:16 while I replant the heavens and set

55:9 But as the heavens are higher than

64:1 O that you would rend the heavens

65:17 heavens and a new earth; former

66:1 The heavens are my throne and the

66:22 the new heavens and the new earth


38:14 are drawn looking heavenward; [I

40:26 Lift your eyes heavenward and see


47:6 down heavily with your yoke. You


30:27 is kindled, heavy is his grievance


19:18 In that day five Hebrew-speaking


5:5 I will have its hedge removed and


1:2 heed, O earth! Jehovah has spoken

1:10 Sodom; give heed to the law of our

7:13 said, Take heed, O house of David

8:9 shall be routed. Give heed, all you

18:3 mountains; heed the trumpet when

21:3 am tormented beyond giving heed

28:23 Give heed, and hear my voice! Be

33:13 Take heed what I have done, you

34:1 give heed, and all who are upon it

42:20 but not giving heed, with open ears

42:23 will take heed of it and be mindful

51:4 to me, my people; give heed to me,

55:3 come unto me; pay heed, that your

65:12 would not give heed. You did what

66:4 I spoke, none gave heed. They did


50:10 Jehovah and heeds the voice of his


1:11 blood bulls and sheep and he-goats

34:6 lambs and he-goats, the kidney fat


7:11 below or in the heights above. But

14:13 in the utmost heights of Zaphon. I

30:25 all mountain heights and prominent

31:4 Zion and upon its heights. As birds

40:9 forever. Scale the mountain heights

49:9 on all barren heights; they shall not

58:14 will make you traverse the heights


65:9 of Jacob, and out of Judah heirs of


10:15 it? As though the staff held up the

33:8 their signatories held in contempt;

65:2 held out my hands all the day to a


59:17 salvation the helmet on his head;


10:3 will you flee for help? Where will

15:4 Heshbon will cry for help, as will

20:6 we relied for help and deliverance

29:9 you cry for help. Be drunk, but not

30:5 they shall be of no help or benefit,

30:7 profit them. Egypt’s help shall be

31:1 go down to Egypt for help, relying

31:3 who help them will fall; both will

41:13 you, Have no fear; I will help you.

41:14 am your help, says Jehovah, your

46:7 spot. Though they cry to it for help

63:5 around, but none would lend help;


31:3 stumble and those helped will fall


50:7 my Lord Jehovah helps me, I shall


37:13 of Sepharvaim, Hena, and Ivvah?


40:9 mountain heights, O Zion, herald

41:27 him as a herald of good tidings to

61:2 to the bound, to herald the year of


60:6 heralding the praises of Jehovah.


52:7 heralds salvation, saying to Zion,


40:7 people themselves are but herbage


24:22 be herded together like prisoners


17:2 become places for herds to recline,

65:10 a resting place for the herds of my


41:23 us of events to come hereafter, so

42:23 of it hereafter, and be mindful and


54:17 This is the heritage of the servants

58:14 and nourish you with the heritage


15:4 Heshbon will cry for help, as will

16:8 vineyards of Heshbon shall wither

16:9 my tears, O Heshbon and Elealeh,


22:16 who hew their sepulchres up high,


5:2 midst and hewed for it a winepress


14:8 low, no hewer has risen against us


9:10 will rebuild with hewn stone; the

10:33 high in stature shall be hewn down

14:12 the nations have been hewn down

22:16 are, that you have hewn yourself a

51:1 out of which you were hewn; look


10:15 hews with it, or a saw vaunt itself


1:1 Hezekiah, kings of Judah: Hear, O

36:2 King Hezekiah at Jerusalem. And

36:4 Please tell Hezekiah, Thus says the

36:7 whose shrines and altars Hezekiah

36:14 says the king: Do not let Hezekiah

36:15 not let Hezekiah make you trust in

36:16 to Hezekiah! Thus says the king of

36:18 Beware, lest Hezekiah mislead you

36:22 to Hezekiah with their clothes rent

37:1 King Hezekiah heard it, he rent his

37:3 him, Thus says Hezekiah: This is a

37:9 it, he sent messengers to Hezekiah

37:10 to Hezekiah king of Judah: Let not

37:14 and Ivvah? And Hezekiah received

37:14 and read it. Then Hezekiah went up

37:15 Jehovah. And Hezekiah prayed to

37:21 son of Amoz sent word to Hezekiah

38:1 Hezekiah became gravely ill. And

38:2 recover. At this Hezekiah turned his

38:3 And Hezekiah wept disconsolately

38:5 Isaiah: Go and tell Hezekiah, Thus

38:22 * Hezekiah said. What of a sign that

38:9 the dial. Hezekiah king of Judah’s

39:1 gifts to Hezekiah, for he had heard

39:2 recovery. And Hezekiah was glad

39:2 nothing in his realm that Hezekiah

39:3 Isaiah came to King Hezekiah and

39:3 Hezekiah replied, They came from

39:4 in your palace. And Hezekiah said,

39:5 Then Isaiah said to Hezekiah, Hear

39:8 Hezekiah said to Isaiah, The word


37:5 * King Hezekiah’s servants came to


49:2 the shadow of his hand he hid me.

50:6 plucked out the beard. I hid not my

54:8 fleeting exasperation I hid my face

57:17 and hid my face in anger when he


30:20 remain hidden no longer, but your

42:22 in holes, hidden away in dungeons

45:3 hidden treasures and secret hoards

64:7 you have hidden your face from us

65:16 shall be forgotten and hidden from


2:10 Go into the rocks; hide in the dust

3:9 their like Sodom; they cannot hide

26:20 hide yourselves a little while until

29:15 who contrive to hide their schemes

53:3 whom men hide their faces he was

59:2 your God; your sins hide his face,


65:4 nights in hideouts, who eat swine’s


8:17 who hides his face from the house


28:15 hiding behind falsehoods, to have

28:17 refuge and waters flood the hiding


2:13 up high, and against all the oaks of

2:14 high mountains and elevated hills,

10:33 high in stature shall be hewn down

14:14 myself like the Most High! But you

16:3 case! Overshadow us at high noon

22:16 who hew their sepulchres up high,

23:3 the high seas when she became the

24:18 For when the windows on high are

24:21 day will Jehovah deal on high with

24:21 the hosts on high and on earth with

30:13 in a high wall which suddenly and

32:14 deserted. High rises and panoramic

32:15 a Spirit from on high be poured out

33:5 he dwells on high; with justice and

33:16 on high; the impregnable cliffs are

37:23 your eyes to high heaven? Against

49:11 my highways shall be on high. See

57:15 dwell on high in the holy place, and

58:4 your voice heard on high. Is this the


55:9 are higher than the earth, so are my

55:9 are my ways higher than your ways

55:9 thoughts higher than your thoughts.


37:24 the highest mountains, the farthest


6:1 a throne, highly exalted, the skirt of

25:12 Your highly walled fortifications he

52:13 being astute, shall be highly exalted

57:15 highly exalted, who name is sacred


5:15 of the high-minded to be downcast.


19:23 In that day there shall be a highway

40:3 pave a straight highway for our God

62:10 highway cleared of stones; raise the


33:8 The highways are desolate, travel is

35:8 highways and roads which shall be

49:11 my highways shall be on high. See,


22:20 the son of Hilkiah: I will clothe him

36:3 Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, overseer

36:22 Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, overseer


5:1 fertile brow of a hill. He cultivated

10:32 of Zion, the hill of Jerusalem. Then

15:2 in Dibon to the hill shrines, to weep

16:12 with petitioning on the hill shrines,

30:17 a mountaintop, an ensign on a hill.

40:4 every mountain and hill made low;

41:18 I will open up streams in barren hill


2:2 shall be preeminent among the hills

2:14 and elevated hills, against every tall

30:25 prominent hills shall appear streams

34:4 hills]—when the heavens are rolled

40:12 weighing mountains in scales, hills

41:15 dust and make chaff of hills. As you

42:15 waste mountains and hills and make

54:10 and the hills collapse with shaking,

55:12 hills shall sing at your presence and

65:7 the hills, I will measure out in their


7:25 on all hillsides cultivated by the hoe


47:12 use to you; perhaps you can hinder

66:9 I who cause the birth, shall I hinder


66:12 carried upon the hip and dandled on


23:17 she will return to her trade and hire

23:18 the earth. Her merchandise and hire

46:6 out silver on the scales hire a smith


7:20 razor hired at the River—the king


5:18 sin by vain attachments, hitched to


16:13 Jehovah spoke hitherto about Moab

48:7 now coming into being, not hitherto


17:9 of the Hivites and Amorites, which


23:18 it shall not be hoarded or stored up.


45:3 hidden treasures and secret hoards


7:25 on all hillsides cultivated by the hoe


5:6 nor hoed, but briars and thorns shall


4:1 women will take hold of one man in

8:10 Though you hold consultations, they

27:5 But should they take hold of me for

28:4 it devours it the moment he has hold

33:23 * Their riggings hang loose; they hold

34:6 For Jehovah will hold a slaughter in

41:13 hold you by the right hand and say

54:2 of your dwellings. Do not hold back

64:7 or rouses himself to take hold of you


56:4 I will—holding fast to my covenant

56:6 holding fast to my covenant—these


37:22 Virgin Daughter of Zion holds you

56:2 —the person who holds fast to them


2:19 rocks and holes in the ground, from

7:19 ditches and water holes. In that day

42:22 them trapped in holes, hidden away


65:5 near me; I am holier than you! Such


35:8 shall be called the Way of Holiness


40:12 waters with the hollow of his hand


44:14 must select holms and oaks and care


10:3 holocaust overtakes you from afar?


1:4 have spurned the Holy One of Israel

4:3 remain in Jerusalem be called holy—

5:16 the holy God show himself holy by

5:19 of the Holy One of Israel soon come

5:24 the words of the Holy One of Israel.

6:3 said, Most holy is Jehovah of Hosts

6:13 alive, so shall the holy offspring be

10:17 and their Holy One the flame, and it

10:20 on Jehovah, the Holy One of Israel:

11:9 done throughout my holy mountain,

12:6 among you is the Holy One of Israel

13:3 my holy ones, called out my valiant

17:7 eyes look to the Holy One of Israel,

27:13 holy mountain at Jerusalem. Woe to

29:19 Holy One of Israel. For tyrants shall

29:23 the Holy One of Jacob, reverencing

30:11 confronting us with the Holy One of

30:12 says the Holy One of Israel: Because

30:15 Jehovah, the Holy One of Israel: By

31:1 the Holy One of Israel, nor inquire

35:8 for they shall be for such as are holy

37:23 high heaven? Against the Holy One

40:25 compared? says the Holy One. Lift

41:14 Jehovah; your Redeemer is the Holy

41:16 and glory in the Holy One of Israel.

41:20 that the Holy One of Israel created it

43:3 I Jehovah am your God, I, the Holy

43:14 Holy One of Israel, your Redeemer:

43:15 your Holy One, Creator of Israel am

43:28 me. Therefore I let the holy cities be

45:11 the Holy One of Israel, their Maker:

47:4 the Holy One of Israel, whose name

48:2 who call yourselves of the holy city,

48:17 Holy One of Israel, your Redeemer,

49:7 Redeemer and Holy One of Israel, to

49:7 you, because the Holy One of Israel

52:1 Jerusalem, holy city. No more shall

52:10 * bared his holy arm in the eyes of all

54:5 Holy One of Israel, who is called the

55:5 of Jehovah your God, the Holy One

56:7 will bring to my holy mountain and

57:13 an inheritance in my holy mountain.

57:15 high in the holy place, and with him

58:13 ends on my holy day—and consider

58:13 holy day of Jehovah venerable, and

60:9 your God, to the Holy One of Israel

60:14 of the Holy One of Israel. Although

62:12 They shall be called the holy people

63:10 rebelled and grieved his holy Spirit,

63:11 into him his holy Spirit, who made

63:15 down from heaven, from your holy

63:18 possessed the holy place when our

64:10 are all your people! Your holy cities

64:11 Our glorious holy temple where our

65:11 forsake Jehovah and forget my holy

65:25 done throughout my holy mountain,

66:20 my holy mountain, says Jehovah, as


29:13 the mouth and pay me homage with

43:23 from your flocks or pay me homage

60:18 walls and homage as your gates. No


22:8 you will look to the forest home as

37:7 notion to return home upon hearing

58:7 to bring home the wretchedly poor,


13:14 return to his homeland. Whoever is


5:10 a homer of seed but an ephah. Woe


13:16 their homes plundered, their wives


33:15 righteously and are honest in word,

59:4 sues for an honest cause. They rely


7:15 Cream and honey will he eat by the

7:22 cream and honey. In that day every


43:20 wild beasts do me honor, the jackals

49:5 him; for I won honor in the eyes of

58:13 you will honor it by refraining from


3:5 the elderly, the vile to the honorable


2:4 hooks: nation will not lift the sword


20:5 perplexed at Cush, their hope, and at

38:18 the Pit have no further hope of your

40:31 of exhaustion. But they who hope in

49:23 am Jehovah and that they who hope

59:9 glimmer of hope, but we walk amid


5:26 from beyond the horizon. Forthwith

13:5 a distant land beyond the horizon—


15:5 the road to Horonaim they will raise


21:4 longed for has become a horror to me

66:24 extinguished. They shall be a horror


28:28 by driving horse and threshing over

63:13 through the deep? Like the horse of


31:1 chariots and vast forces of horsemen

36:9 do on Egypt chariots and horsemen?


2:7 land is full of horses and there is no

21:7 horses, riders on asses and riders on

21:9 and teams of horses! And he gave the

22:6 the quiver, and horses are harnessed

30:16 so; we will flee on horses! Therefore

31:1 horses, putting their trust in immense

31:3 their horses are flesh, not spirit: when

36:8 a thousand horses, if you are able to

43:17 chariots and horses, armies of men in

66:20 Jehovah—on horses, in chariots and


3:23 purse, hosiery, sheer linen, millinery,


45:12 heavens, appointing all their host. It

60:5 you; a host of nations shall enter you.

60:11 that a host of nations may be brought


11:13 away and the hostile ones of Judah be

59:19 come upon them like a hostile torrent


1:9 siege. Had not Jehovah of Hosts left

1:24 Therefore the Lord, Jehovah of Hosts

2:12 that day. Jehovah of Hosts has a day

3:1 Even now, the Lord, Jehovah of Hosts

3:15 the poor? says Jehovah of Hosts. The

5:7 it. The vineyard of Jehovah of Hosts is

5:9 Hosts spoke this in my hearing: Surely

5:16 Jehovah of Hosts will be exalted by a

5:24 despised the law of Jehovah of Hosts

6:3 Jehovah of Hosts; the consummation

6:5 have seen the King, Jehovah of Hosts

8:13 of Hosts, making him your fear, him

8:18 from Jehovah of Hosts, who dwells in

9:7 of Jehovah of Hosts will accomplish it

9:13 will they inquire of Jehovah of Hosts.

9:19 At the wrath of Jehovah of Hosts the

10:16 of Hosts, send a consumption into his

10:23 my Lord, Jehovah of Hosts, will carry

10:24 thus says my Lord, Jehovah of Hosts:

10:26 Jehovah of Hosts will raise the whip

10:33 Then will the Lord, Jehovah of Hosts

13:4 Hosts is marshaling an army for war.

13:13 anger of Jehovah of Hosts in the day

14:22 against them, says Jehovah of Hosts.

14:23 of destruction, says Jehovah of Hosts.

14:24 Hosts. Jehovah of Hosts made an oath

14:27 Jehovah of Hosts has determined, who

17:3 Jehovah of Hosts. In that day Jacob’s

18:7 tribute be brought to Jehovah of Hosts

18:7 place of the name of Jehovah of Hosts

19:4 them, says the Lord, Jehovah of Hosts

19:12 it, what Jehovah of Hosts has in mind

19:16 hand of Hosts wields over them. The

19:17 Jehovah of Hosts has in store for them

19:18 will swear loyalty to Jehovah of Hosts

19:20 and testimony of Jehovah of Hosts in

19:25 the earth. Jehovah of Hosts will bless

21:10 of Hosts, the God of Israel. An oracle

22:5 Lord, Jehovah of Hosts, has in store a

22:12 day my Lord, Jehovah of Hosts, calls

22:14 Jehovah of Hosts revealed this to my

22:14 die, says my Lord, Jehovah of Hosts.

22:15 Thus said my Lord, Jehovah of Hosts

22:25 of Hosts, the nail that was fastened in

23:9 celebrities? Jehovah of Hosts devised

24:21 on high with the hosts on high and on

24:23 of Hosts manifests his reign in Mount

25:6 this mountain will Jehovah of Hosts

28:5 of Hosts be as a crown of beauty and

28:22 my Lord, Jehovah of Hosts, upon the

28:29 of Hosts, whose counsel is wonderful

29:6 by Jehovah of Hosts with thunderous

31:4 so shall Jehovah of Hosts be when he

31:5 nest], so will Jehovah of Hosts guard

34:2 nations, his fury upon all their hosts;

34:4 on the hills]—when their starry hosts

37:16 Jehovah and said, O Jehovah of Hosts

37:32 of Jehovah of Hosts will accomplish

39:5 of Hosts: The time shall come when

40:26 hosts by number, calling each one by

44:6 the King of Israel, Jehovah of Hosts,

45:13 price or bribe, says Jehovah of Hosts.

47:4 whose name is Jehovah of Hosts. Sit

48:2 is Jehovah of Hosts: The prophecies

51:15 Hosts, who stir up the Sea so that its

54:5 whose name is Jehovah of Hosts; he


2:2 house shall become established as the

2:3 to the house of the God of Jacob, that

2:5 O house of Jacob, come, let us follow

2:6 have forsaken your people, the house

3:6 kinsman of his father’s house, and say

3:7 neither food nor clothing in my house

5:7 of Hosts is the house of Israel and the

5:8 Woe to those who join house to house

7:2 the house of David was informed that

7:17 your people and your father’s house a

8:17 hides his face from the house of Jacob

10:20 who escape of the house of Jacob will

14:1 them and join the house of Jacob. The

14:2 the house of Israel will possess them

22:18 your master’s house. I will thrust you

22:21 house of Judah. I will invest him with

22:22 of the house of David: when he opens

22:23 glory to the house of his father. Upon

22:24 all the glory of his father’s house: his

29:22 to the house of Jacob: No longer shall

37:1 on sackcloth and entered the house of

37:14 to the house of Jehovah and unrolled

37:31 the house of Judah that survives shall

38:1 Put your house in order. You will die

38:22 * again go up to the house of Jehovah?

38:20 lives in the house of Jehovah. At that

44:13 lodge in a house. He is required to cut

46:3 captivity. Hear me, O house of Jacob,

46:3 all you remnant of the house of Israel

48:1 Hear this, O house of Jacob, you who

56:5 a name within walls of my house that

56:7 house of prayer. Their offerings and

56:7 altar, for my house shall be known as

56:7 be known as a house of prayer for all

58:1 people their transgressions, the house

60:7 glorious my house of glory. Who are

63:7 most graciously rendered the house

66:1 the earth is my footstool. What house

66:20 house of Jehovah. Of them likewise I


3:14 houses by depriving the needy. What

5:9 large and fine houses unoccupied. A

6:11 inhabitant, the houses without a man,

8:14 houses of Israel a stumbling block or

24:10 up; all houses are shuttered, that none

32:13 all the amusement houses in the city

65:21 build houses, they will dwell in them


15:3 housetops and in the streets they will

22:1 housetops? You resounded with loud


31:5 upon its heights. As birds hover over


1:21 it. How the faithful city has become

6:11 healed. And I replied, For how long,

8:4 knows how to say, Father, or Mother

14:4 Babylon and say, How the tyrant has

14:12 covered with worms. How you have

19:11 counsel. How can you say to Pharaoh

20:6 from the king of Assyria? How shall

21:11 Watchman, how much of the night is

32:6 how to practice hypocrisy and preach

36:9 to put riders on them. How then shall

37:26 heard how I ordained this thing long

37:26 how in days of old I planned it? Now

37:28 and how stirred up you are against me

38:3 O Jehovah, how I have walked before

40:6 And I asked, How shall I announce it

47:11 shall not know how to avert by bribes

48:4 knew how stubborn you were—your

48:6 the whole vision; how is it you do not

50:4 how to preach to those grown weary

52:7 say, How comely upon the mountains

57:6 offerings. How shall I be appeased of


14:31 shall be slain. Wail at the gates; howl


13:22 howling creatures from its amusement

34:13 haunt of howling creatures, a reserve

35:7 of howling creatures [shall marshes

65:14 heartbreak, howling from brokenness


8:19 and spiritists who huddle together and


31:3 Egyptians are human, not divine; their

44:13 dividers; he gives it a human likeness,

52:14 human likeness, his semblance unlike


13:11 men and humble the pride of tyrants. I

57:15 him who is humble and lowly in spirit

57:15 the humble. I will not contend forever,

66:2 are of a humble and contrite spirit and


9:1 her. In the past he humbled the land of

53:4 stricken, smitten of God, and humbled


3:15 people, humbling the faces of the poor


30:5 benefit, but a humiliation and disgrace


30:6 their riches on the humps of camels, to


37:36 a hundred and eighty-five thousand in

65:26 die young shall be a hundred years old

65:20 those who fail to reach a hundred shall


22:24 father. Upon him shall be hung all the


8:21 they roam about embittered by hunger

49:10 not hunger or thirst, nor be smitten by

65:13 eat indeed, while you shall hunger; my


8:21 by hunger; and when they are hungry

9:20 snatch on the right, yet remain hungry

29:8 like a hungry man who dreams he eats

32:6 the hungry soul empty, depriving the

44:12 he becomes hungry, he no longer has

58:7 to share your food with the hungry, to

58:10 of your own to the hungry and satisfy


22:17 will hurl you away as an athlete hurls

28:2 he will hurl them to the ground by his


22:17 you away as an athlete hurls a missile


8:1 plunder, hurry the spoil. And I called


1:8 hut in a melon field, a city under siege


17:10 and sow hybrid seed, and though you


32:6 how to practice hypocrisy and preach