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58:2 eager to learn my ways, like a nation


40:31 they shall ascend as on eagles’ wings


37:17 the earth . . . O Jehovah, give ear and

50:4 by morning he wakens my ear to hear

50:5 my Lord Jehovah has opened my ear,

55:3 Give ear and come unto me; pay heed

59:1 become too short to save, nor his ear

64:4 heard or perceived by the ear, nor has


41:11 at you shall earn shame and disgrace


6:10 fat; dull their ears and shut their eyes

6:10 and hear with their ears, understand

11:3 establish proof by what his ears hear.

17:5 whose ears are reaped by the armful,

17:5 will become like ears plucked in the

22:14 Hosts revealed this to my ears: Such

30:21 Master. Your ears shall hear words

32:3 the ears of those who hear shall listen

33:15 who stop their ears at the mention of

35:5 the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then

36:11 the ears of the people who are on the

37:29 which have mounted up to my ears, I

42:20 heed, with open ears hearing nothing

43:8 who are deaf, yet have ears. When all

48:8 your ears have not been open to them

49:20 shall yet say in your ears, This place


1:2 Hear, O heavens! Give heed, O earth

2:19 and strikes terror on earth. In that day

2:21 strikes terror on earth. Desist from the

6:3 the consummation of all the earth is

9:19 earth is scorched, and people are but

10:23 upon the whole earth. Therefore, thus

11:4 land; he will smite the earth with the

11:9 mountain, for the earth shall be filled

11:12 from the four directions of the earth.

12:5 throughout the earth! Shout and sing

13:5 cause destruction throughout the earth

13:9 wrath, to make the earth a desolation

13:13 the earth is jolted out of place by the

14:7 the whole earth is at rest and at peace

14:12 have been hewn down to earth! You

14:16 the earth shake and kingdoms quake,

14:21 fill the face of the earth with cities. I

14:26 determined upon the whole earth; this

16:1 couriers to those who rule in the earth

16:4 tyrants are destroyed from the earth,

18:3 the world, you inhabitants of the earth

19:24 in the midst of the earth. Jehovah of

23:17 the world on the face of the earth. Her

24:1 will lay waste the earth and empty it;

24:3 the earth is sacked, it shall be utterly

24:4 The earth shall pine away, the world

24:4 miserably perish; the elite of the earth

24:5 shall be made wretched. The earth lies

24:6 The curse devours the earth, for those

24:6 it the population of the earth shall be

24:13 shall it happen in the earth among the

24:16 a sector of the earth we hear singing:

24:17 await you, O inhabitants of the earth:

24:18 high are opened, the earth shall shake

24:19 to its foundations. The earth shall be

24:19 The earth shall break up and cave in;

24:19 in; the earth shall convulse and lurch

24:20 and lurch. The earth shall reel to and

24:21 on earth with the rulers of the earth.

25:8 his people from throughout the earth.

26:9 your ordinances are on the earth, the

26:15 withdrawn all borders in the earth. O

26:18 in the earth, that the inhabitants of the

26:19 the earth shall cast up its dead. Come

26:21 to punish the inhabitants of the earth

26:21 the earth will uncover the blood shed

27:2 the earth as of a delightful vineyard

27:6 bursts into blossom, face of the earth

28:15 scourge sweep through the earth, it

28:22 of Hosts upon the whole earth. Give

33:17 view the expanse of the earth. You

34:1 you peoples! Let the earth give heed

34:9 lava and her earth into brimstone; her

37:16 over all the kingdoms of the earth. It

37:16 who made the heavens and the earth

37:20 his hand, that all kingdoms on earth

40:21 by whom the earth was founded? By

40:24 their stock has taken root in the earth

40:28 of the ends of the earth. He does not

41:5 the ends of the earth are in trembling

41:9 of the earth, called from its farthest

42:4 has brought about justice in the earth

42:5 the earth and its creatures, the breath

42:10 his praise from the end of the earth.

43:6 daughters from the end of the earth—

44:23 cause it to resound, O earth beneath!

44:24 who himself gives form to the earth,

45:8 Let the earth receive it and salvation

45:12 who made the earth and created man

45:18 the God who formed the earth—who

45:22 all you ends of the earth; I am God,

48:13 was my hand that founded the earth,

48:20 to the end of the earth. Say, Jehovah

49:6 may be to the end of the earth. Thus

49:13 O heavens; celebrate, O earth! Burst

51:6 the earth beneath: the heavens shall

51:6 as by smoke, the earth wear out like

51:13 who sets the earth in place—that you

51:16 set the earth in place, that I may say

52:10 * that all ends of the earth may see our

54:5 who is called the God of all the earth

54:9 would no more flood the earth. So I

55:9 the heavens are higher than the earth

55:10 without watering the earth, to render

57:13 the earth and receive an inheritance

58:14 you traverse the heights of the earth

60:2 covers the earth, and a thick mist the

60:21 they shall inherit the earth forever—

61:11 earth brings forth its vegetation, and

62:7 makes it renowned in the earth. The

62:11 proclamation to the end of the earth:

65:16 blessings on themselves in the earth

65:16 of them who swear oaths in the earth

65:17 create new heavens and a new earth;

66:1 throne and the earth is my footstool.

66:8 earth labor but a day and a nation be

66:22 and the new earth endure before me


30:14 like an earthenware vessel ruthlessly

45:9 mere shards of earthenware pottery


4:2 the earth’s fruit the pride and glory

24:11 become gloom: the earth’s vitality is

40:12 compiled the earth’s dust by measure

40:22 enthroned above the earth’s sphere,


2:6 mystics from the East and are content

9:12 from the east and Philistines from the

11:14 and together plunder those to the east

27:8 the day of the burning east wind. But

41:2 Righteousness from the east, calling

43:5 offspring from the east and gather you

46:11 summon a bird of prey from the east


1:19 shall eat the good of the land. But if

3:10 shall eat the fruits of their own labors

4:1 will eat our own food, wear our own

5:17 and proselytes eat in the ruins of the

7:15 will he eat by the time he has learned

7:22 plentiful milk, men will eat the cream

9:20 be satisfied: men will eat the flesh of

11:7 will eat straw like the ox. A suckling

23:18 eat their fill and be elegantly clothed.

30:24 till the soil eat grain silage winnowed

36:12 to eat their own dung and drink their

36:16 one of you will eat from his own vine

37:30 a sign: This year eat what grows wild

37:30 plant vineyards and eat their fruit: the

44:16 it they broil a roast; they eat the meat

55:1 come and buy food, that you may eat

55:2 not satisfy? Hear me well: Eat what is

62:9 harvest it shall eat it, giving praise to

65:4 hideouts, who eat swine’s flesh, their

65:13 Jehovah: My servants shall eat indeed

65:21 eat their fruit. They shall not build so

65:22 dwell, or plant so that others may eat

65:25 and the lion will eat straw like the ox

66:17 the center, who eat the flesh of swine


1:20 be eaten by the sword. By his mouth


55:10 for the sower and food for the eater—


21:5 are eating and drinking . . . Mobilize

22:13 sheep, eating meat and drinking wine


29:8 hungry man who dreams he eats but

59:5 whoever eats of their eggs dies, and


19:5 waters of the lakes shall ebb away as


15:8 reach Eglaim and echo as far as Beer


51:3 her wilderness like Eden, her desert as


37:12 Rezeph and the Edenites in Tel Assar


11:14 take Edom and Moab at hand’s reach

34:5 come down on Edom in judgment, on

34:6 of Edom; among them shall fall bison

63:1 Who it this coming from Edom in red-


34:9 Zion. Edom’s streams shall turn into


28:18 no effect: when the flooding scourge

32:17 abide in the farmland. And the effect

46:10 I speak, and my purposes take effect;


10:14 world as one gathers abandoned eggs

34:15 owl nest and lay eggs, hatch them and

59:5 wickedness. They hatch vipers’ eggs

59:5 whoever eats of their eggs dies, and if


15:8 shall reach Eglaim and echo as far as


15:5 Zoar and as far as Eglath Shelishiah.


7:18 flies from the far rivers of Egypt and

11:11 Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Cush, Elam,

11:16 up from the land of Egypt. In that day

19:1 An oracle concerning Egypt: When

19:1 When Jehovah enters Egypt riding on

19:1 clouds, the idols of Egypt will rock at

19:12 has in mind for Egypt! The ministers

19:13 heads of state have led Egypt astray.

19:14 have misled Egypt in all that she does

19:18 cities in the land of Egypt will swear

19:19 of the land of Egypt and a monument

19:20 Jehovah of Hosts in the land of Egypt

19:22 will smite Egypt, and by smiting heal

19:23 be a highway from Egypt to Assyria.

19:23 shall come to Egypt and Egyptians go

19:24 third party to Egypt and to Assyria, a

19:25 bless them, saying, Blessed be Egypt

20:3 a sign and portent against Egypt and

20:4 lead away the captives of Egypt and

20:5 Cush, their hope, and at Egypt, their

23:5 the news of Tyre reaches Egypt, men

27:12 of the River to the streams of Egypt.

27:13 the land of Egypt shall come and bow

30:2 they are bent on going down to Egypt

31:1 go down to Egypt for help, relying on

36:6 support of Egypt, that splintered reed

36:6 Pharaoh king of Egypt to all who rely

36:9 on Egypt for chariots and horsemen?

43:3 Egypt I have appointed as ransom for

45:14 The wealth of Egypt and merchandise

52:4 went down to Egypt to sojourn there.


19:3 Egypt’s spirit shall be drained from

19:6 Egypt’s waterways recede and dry up

20:4 with buttocks uncovered—to Egypt’s

30:2 on taking shelter in Egypt’s shadow.

30:3 in Egypt’s shadow to embarrassment

30:7 Egypt’s help shall be futile and vain

37:25 feet I have dried up all Egypt’s rivers


11:15 the Egyptian Sea by his mighty wind


10:24 staff over you, as did the Egyptians.

10:26 over them as he did to the Egyptians

19:2 Egyptians against the Egyptians; they

19:4 deliver the Egyptians into the hand

19:15 nothing the Egyptians can do about it

19:16 the Egyptians will as women, fearful

19:17 source of terror to the Egyptians; all

19:21 himself known to the Egyptians, and

19:21 the Egyptians shall know Jehovah in

19:23 and Egyptians go to Assyria, and the

19:23 and the Egyptians shall labor with the

31:3 The Egyptians are human, not divine


19:1 and the Egyptians’ hearts melt within


37:36 hundred and eighty-five thousand in


30:22 you will eject them as a menstruous


11:11 Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Cush, Elam

22:6 When Elam takes up the quiver, and


21:2 Elamites! Lay siege, you Medes! All


3:2 and prophet, the augur and elder, the


3:5 young will be insolent to the elderly


3:14 He will bring to trial the elders of his

9:15 single day; the elders or notables are

24:23 glory in the presence of his elders. In

37:2 the elders of the priests in sackcloth


15:4 for help, as will Elealeh; their appeal

16:9 tears, O Heshbon and Elealeh, when


14:30 elect poor shall have pasture, and the


3:22 the ears, the elegant dress, the shawl


23:18 eat their fill and be elegantly clothed


2:14 all high mountains and elevated hills


22:20 servant Eliakim the son of Hilkiah: I

36:3 Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, overseer

36:11 Then Eliakim, Shebna and Joah said

36:22 Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, overseer

37:2 And he sent Eliakim the overseer of


15:8 Eglaim and echo as far as Beer Elim


5:14 it descend their elite with the masses

13:2 into the precincts of the elite. I have

24:4 perish; the elite of the earth shall be

26:5 has put down the elite inhabitants of


41:19 cypresses, elms and box trees in the


32:4 of the stammerers master eloquence


59:11 we look for salvation, but it eludes


45:16 embarrassed. But Israel is saved by


30:3 Egypt’s shadow to embarrassment.


6:6 flew to me carrying an ember which


30:14 to scoop lit embers from a fireplace

44:19 in its embers, roasted meat and ate

47:14 no embers to warm anyone; such is


8:21 of light, they roam about embittered


57:8 you have put up your emblems, and


59:5 is smashed, there emerges a serpent


52:13 shall become exceedingly eminent:


18:2 of Cush, which sends emissaries by


34:3 out and their corpses emit a stench;


41:29 and emptiness. My servant whom I


24:1 waste the earth and empty it: he will

32:6 empty, depriving the thirsty soul of

55:11 return to me empty; it accomplishes

59:4 on empty words, deceitfully spoken


10:1 Woe to those who enact unjust laws


29:3 altar hearth. I will encamp against


15:8 cry of calamity shall encompass the


35:9 No lions shall be encountered there


41:7 * artisan encourages the smith, and he


2:7 there is no end to their wealth; their

2:7 and there is no end to their chariots.

7:3 the end of the aqueduct of the Upper

9:7 be extended and peace have no end

10:25 will very soon come to an end; my

13:11 I will put an end to the arrogance of

14:4 has met his end and tyranny ceased

16:10 vintage shout I will bring to an end.

17:3 Ephraim’s defense comes to an end

21:2 I will bring to an end. Therefore my

23:15 the end of seventy years, Tyre shall

24:8 to an end. Men no longer drink wine

31:3 will fall; both shall come to an end

33:8 are desolate, travel is at an end. The

38:13 day, you are bringing on my end! A

42:10 praise from the end of the earth. Let

43:6 daughters from the end of the earth

43:10 to the end that you may recognize it

45:17 or put to shame worlds without end

46:10 I foretell the end from the beginning

48:20 voice; broadcast it to the end of the

49:6 may be to the end of the earth. Thus

62:11 proclamation to the end of the earth

66:17 shall made an end of, says Jehovah.


24:13 gleaned when the vintage is ended.


34:10 to generation; through endless ages

51:8 through endless generations. Awake

60:20 be an endless light when your days


28:28 does not go on endlessly threshing


56:5 will endow them with an everlasting

61:3 to endow those who mourn in Zion,


35:2 shall be endowed with the glory of

42:1 him I have endowed with my Spirit;

50:4 Lord Jehovah has endowed me with


55:5 Israel, who gloriously endows you.


7:4 smoking tail ends of kindling, by the

40:28 God of eternity, Creator of the ends

41:5 the ends of the earth are in trembling

41:9 the ends of the earth, called from its

45:22 me and save yourselves all you ends

52:10 * that all ends of the earth may see our

58:3 pursue your own ends and constrain

58:13 achieving your own ends on my holy


30:8 record it a book for the end-time, as


51:8 righteousness shall endure forever,

66:22 new earth which I make shall endure

66:22 name endure. And New Moon after


53:4 Yet he bore our sufferings, endured


40:8 the word of our God endures forever


1:24 me of my enemies. I will restore my

9:11 Rezin’s enemies against them when

26:11 prepared for your enemies consumes

42:13 the shout of victory over his enemies

59:18 upon his enemies; to the isles he will

62:8 your grain be food for your enemies,

63:18 the holy place when our enemies trod

66:6 paying his enemies what is due them

66:14 and his rage among his enemies. See


63:10 he became their enemy and himself


40:29 the weary with energy and increases


64:7 face from us and enfeebled us at the


34:6 sword that shall engorge with blood


49:16 you. See, I have engraved you on my


55:2 and your souls shall enjoy abundance


9:3 enlarged the nation and increased its

26:15 have enlarged the nation, O Jehovah,


26:15 enlarging it gained glory for yourself


28:9 enlighten with revelation? Weanlings


40:14 be enlightened, by whom instructed


7:13 enough for you to try the patience of


8:21 become enraged, and, gazing upward

41:11 See, all who are enraged at you shall


34:7 enriched with fat. For it is Jehovah’s


5:26 He raises an ensign to distant nations

11:10 Jesse, who stands for an ensign to the

11:12 He will raise the ensign to the nations

13:2 ensign on a barren mountain; sound

18:3 look to the ensign when it is lifted up

30:17 on a mountaintop, an ensign on a hill

31:9 their officers shrink from the ensign,

49:22 to the nations, raise my ensign to the

62:10 stones; raise the ensign to the nations


29:21 guilty, who ensnare the defender at


8:15 when they become ensnared shall be

28:13 themselves, become ensnared and be


16:12 and enter their sanctuaries to pray, it

24:10 none may enter. Outside is heard the

26:20 my people, enter your chambers and

37:33 Assyria: He shall not enter this city,

37:34 shall not enter this city, says Jehovah

52:1 uncircumcised and defiled enter you.

59:14 and uprightness cannot enter. When

60:5 you; a host of nations shall enter you


37:1 and put on sackcloth and entered the


19:1 enters Egypt riding on swift clouds,

36:6 that splintered reed which enters and


32:13 houses in the city of entertainment,


37:16 sits enthroned between the cherubim

40:22 By him who sits enthroned above the

47:8 pampered lady, securely enthroned,

52:2 the dust; sit enthroned, O Jerusalem.


9:9 befall Israel. And the entire people—

39:2 his entire armory and all that was in

54:12 and your entire boundary of precious

60:21 fulfilled. Your entire people shall be


48:9 by not entirely destroying you. See,


47:3 and not be entreated of me, says our


45:14 entreating you, Surely God is in you


42:25 envelopes them in flames—yet they


62:9 within the environs of my sanctuary


14:32 then be told the envoys of the nation

39:2 and showed the envoys his treasuries


30:4 their envoys’ travels to Hanes, they


11:13 cut off; Ephraim will not envy Judah


5:10 homer of seed but an ephah. Woe to

60:6 Midian and Ephah; all from Sheba;


7:2 that Aram was leading Ephraim on,

7:5 against you, as has Ephraim and the

7:8 years shall Ephraim be shattered as

7:9 as Samaria is the capital of Ephraim

7:17 Ephraim broke away from Judah—

9:9 —Ephraim and those who dwell in

9:21 Manasseh will turn against Ephraim

9:21 and Ephraim against Manasseh, and

11:13 cut off; Ephraim will not envy Judah

11:13 Judah resent Ephraim. But they will

28:1 of glory of the drunkards of Ephraim

28:3 Ephraim shall be trodden underfoot


11:13 Ephraim’s jealousy shall pass away

17:3 Ephraim’s defense comes to an end


44:7 happens as do I and is the equal of

46:5 you compare me or count me equal


11:4 equity arbitrate for the lowly in the


29:3 erect siege installations against you

37:33 armor, nor erect siegeworks against


19:19 shall be an altar erected to Jehovah


28:7 strong drink; they err as seers, they


29:24 erring in spirit gain understanding

30:28 falsehood; with an erring bridle on


37:38 Esarhaddon succeeded him as king


5:29 seize the prey, and escape, and none

10:20 escape of the house of Jacob will no

20:6 How shall we ourselves escape? An

37:11 Shall you then escape? Did the gods

47:14 themselves to escape the hand of the

49:24 or the tyrant’s captives escape free?

49:25 and the tyrant’s captives escape free


60:11 and their kings escorted in. And the


54:1 those of the espoused, says Jehovah

62:4 and your land considered espoused.

62:4 and your land shall be espoused. For


54:5 he who espouses you is your Maker


11:3 nor establish proof by what his ears


2:2 house shall become established as

9:7 rule may be established and upheld

54:14 established through righteousness;


49:8 and reapportion the desolate estates,


42:17 in idols and esteem their images as


40:18 in your estimation? A figure cast by


19:7 adjoining canals and estuaries, and


33:14 among us can abide eternal burning

47:7 you thought, I, the Eternal Mistress,

61:8 make with them an eternal covenant


40:28 God of eternity, Creator of the ends

63:16 Our Redeemer from Eternity is your


40:17 than the ether they are reckoned by


56:3 people. And let not the eunuch say,


39:7 take some to serve as eunuchs in the

56:4 the eunuchs who keep my Sabbaths


14:31 place he has designated shall evade


42:15 land and evaporate lakes. Then will


27:1 evasive maritime serpent, Leviathan


17:14 evening time shall be the catastrophe


41:22 their prophecies of events heretofore

41:23 Tell us of events to come hereafter,

42:9 events indeed came to pass, but new

43:9 or predicted events that have come to

43:18 prophecies of bygone events; do not

46:9 the prophecies of the events of old! I

48:3 prophecies of the events of the past I

65:17 new earth; former events shall not be


3:16 painting their eyes, ever flirting when

9:6 a Father for Ever, a Prince of Peace—

25:2 more form cities, nor ever be rebuilt!

26:4 secure. Ever trust in Jehovah, for the

32:14 haunts for ever after, the playground

64:5 in them we might ever be saved. Alas


26:4 Jehovah, Yah, is an everlasting Rock

35:10 heads crowned with everlasting joy.

45:17 Jehovah with an everlasting salvation

51:6 But my salvation shall be everlasting

51:11 heads crowned with everlasting joy;

54:8 from you, but with everlasting charity

55:3 with you an everlasting covenant; my

55:13 Jehovah, an everlasting sign that shall

56:5 endow them with an everlasting name

60:15 I will make you an everlasting pride,

60:19 Jehovah will be your everlasting light

61:7 twofold and everlasting joy be theirs.

63:12 everlasting name for himself when he


41:21 submit your evidence, says the King


59:12 offenses are evident; we perceive our


1:16 from before my eyes; cease to do evil

5:20 who suppose what is evil to be good

5:20 be good and what is good, evil! They

7:5 has conceived an evil plot against you

7:15 reject what is evil and choose what is

7:16 to reject the evil and choose the good

41:23 gods. Perform something good or evil

56:2 his hand from doing any evil. Let not

59:7 Their feet rush after evil; they hasten

59:15 lacking, they who shun evil become a

65:12 evil in my eyes; you chose to do what

66:4 what was evil in my eyes; they chose


29:5 evildoers shall become as fine dust,

31:2 of miscreants and allies of evildoers.


40:11 in his bosom; the ewes that give milk


9:1 at the last he will exalt the Sea Route

10:15 an axe exalt itself above the one who


2:11 Jehovah alone shall be exalted in that

2:12 all who are exalted, that they may be

2:17 Jehovah alone shall be exalted in that

5:16 But Jehovah of Hosts will be exalted

6:1 throne, highly exalted, the skirt of his

12:4 commemorate his exalted name. Sing

26:5 elite inhabitants of the exalted city by

52:13 being astute, shall be highly exalted;

57:15 Thus says he who is highly exalted,


41:22 that we may examine them and know


54:8 In fleeting exasperation I hid my face


57:14 It will be said: Excavate, pave a road

62:10 Excavate, pave a highway cleared of


10:10 pagan states, whose statues exceeded


47:9 and exceedingly strong combinations

52:13 he shall become exceedingly eminent

61:10 I rejoice exceedingly in Jehovah; my

64:9 your hands. Be not exceedingly angry

64:12 letting us suffer so exceedingly? I was


23:9 all glorying in excellence a profanity


45:21 except for whom there is no Savior?


16:6 of its excessive pride and its boasting

57:10 wearied by your excessive ways, you


43:4 you, peoples in exchange for your life


56:3 Jehovah will surely exclude me from

66:5 and exclude you because of my name


4:4 away the excrement of the women of

28:8 vomit; no spot is without excrement.


23:9 world’s celebrities an utter execration

43:28 to be ostracized, Israel to execration.


65:23 shall not exert themselves in vain, or


47:12 you have exerted yourself since your

47:15 whom you have exerted yourself since


40:30 young men slump down of exhaustion


5:13 are my people exiled without knowing

11:12 to the nations and assemble the exiled

49:21 I was exiled, banished; by whom were


16:4 Let the exiles of Moab dwell with you

20:4 the exiles of Cush, both young and old

45:13 rebuild my city and set free my exiles


34:12 when all its lords no longer exist? For

43:10 no god was formed, nor shall one exist

45:14 in you; no other gods exist! Truly you

47:7 I, the Eternal Mistress, exist forever!

47:8 herself, I exist, and other than me there

47:10 thinking to yourself, I exist, and there


6:12 great shall the exodus from the centers


54:2 Jehovah. Expand the site of your tent;


33:17 his glory and view the expanse of the


8:17 the house of Jacob, and expect him. As

59:11 We expect justice when there is none


5:2 Then he expected it to yield grapes, but

5:4 I expected it to yield grapes, why did it

5:7 expected justice, but there was injustice

5:7 injustice; he expected righteousness but

25:9 is our God, whom we expected would


16:5 and expedite righteousness. We have


22:19 office; you will be expelled from your


57:4 and harlot! At whose expense do you


40:20 seek expert sculptor to carve them an


27:9 this shall Jacob’s iniquity be expiated

40:2 term, that her guilt has been expiated.


21:16 lease, Kedar’s glory shall fully expire

31:9 their captain shall expire in terror and


57:12 and the wantonness of your exploits.


30:30 devouring fire, explosive discharges


3:17 will expose their private parts. In that

57:12 I will expose your fornication and the


14:19 exposed like the slain disfigured by

23:13 exposed its fortifications, and caused

30:13 breach exposed in a high wall which

47:3 your nakedness shall be exposed and

57:8 have exposed yourself to others than


11:15 will extend his hand over the River

54:2 extend the canopies of your dwellings

66:12 I will extend peace to her like a river


9:7 may be extended and peace have no


10:7 and to exterminate nations not a few.


1:31 and there shall be none to extinguish.


66:24 whose fire shall not be extinguished.


25:1 will extol you by praising your name.


33:15 disdain extortion and stay their hand

59:13 perversely planning ways of extortion

61:8 abhor extortion in those who sacrifice


65:9 I will extract offspring out of Jacob,


24:14 the sea exult at Jehovah’s ingenuity.


13:18 newborn; their eye will not look with

52:8 for joy, for they shall see eye to eye

64:4 has any eye seen a God besides you


1:15 my eyes from you; though you pray

1:16 from before my eyes; cease to do evil

2:11 glory. The haughty eyes of men shall

3:8 to his glory before his very eyes. The

3:16 painting their eyes, ever flirting when

5:15 causing the eyes of the high-minded

5:21 are wise in their own eyes and clever

6:5 Jehovah of Hosts, with my own eyes

6:10 dull their ears and shut their eyes, lest

6:10 they see with their eyes and hear with

11:3 he will not judge by what his eyes see

13:16 be dashed in pieces before their eyes,

17:7 their Maker, and their eyes look to the

29:10 deep sleep: he has shut your eyes, the

29:18 the book and the eyes of the blind see

30:20 no longer, but your eyes shall see the

32:3 The eyes of those who see shall not be

33:15 of murder, who shut their eyes at the

33:17 sure. Your eyes shall behold the King

33:20 let your eyes rest upon Jerusalem, the

35:5 deliver you. Then shall the eyes of the

37:17 hear; O Jehovah, open your eyes and

37:23 your eyes to high heaven? Against the

38:3 have done what is good in your eyes.

38:14 murmur. My eyes are drawn looking

40:26 Holy One. Lift your eyes heavenward

42:7 light to the nations, to open eyes that

43:4 precious and revered in my eyes, and

43:8 who are blind, yet have eyes, who are

44:18 and insensible; their eyes are glazed

49:5 to him; for I won honor in the eyes of

49:18 your eyes and look around you; with

51:6 Lift up your eyes to the heavens; look

52:10 * his holy arm in the eyes of all nations

59:10 flounder like those without eyes. We

60:4 Lift up your eyes and look about you

61:1 the opening of the eyes to the bound,

65:12 did was evil in my eyes; you chose to

65:16 be forgotten and hidden from my eyes

66:4 what was evil in my eyes; they chose